by perpetual motion machine

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recorded at the Che Cafe in San Diego, CA sometime late November or early December 2013.


released December 25, 2013




all rights reserved


perpetual motion machine San Diego, California

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Track Name: eight by ten
out of sight, out of mind
black out the sun and kill what's inside
eight by ten, torture from within

brutality through isolation;
terrible conditions
cruel institutions
human rights violations

the hunger eats away
the canary sings from her cage
and i hear her swan song

what we don't see doesn't hurt us
families torn apart
fatherless children
the starving
and their human hearts
Track Name: ugly family portrait
rich white, pro-life, right wing conservatives
victim blaming, religious fundamentalists

they blame her for it
they blame her outfit

they want her child
saved at all cost
but cut the funds
to the orphanages

such holy people
they blame the victim
save the fetus
then starve the orphan

they are talking about life
but they don't care about hers

they are talking about life
but support killing prisoners

they are talking about life
but support bombing countries

they are talking about life
but have no respect for it

such ugly family portraits
hang in their homes
Track Name: enemies among us
there are enemies among us
in our movements and in our homes
in our circles, in our shadows
in our streets and in our scenes
enemies everywhere

false allies and informants
void of all substance
political and ethical salience
what do you even fucking stand for?

infectious disease
you sing to our songs
but poison our well
what do you even fucking stand for?

you are not welcome here

manarchist pigs!

machismo muscle men!

liberal slime!

you are not my fucking ally
Track Name: our feral fire
struggling not to drown
in our nihilism
or be weighed down
by our paranoia
we are beaten red
and bewildered

by the trauma of our oppression
and the struggle for change
but our fists stay risen
for our fire is feral

and we have seen our movements fall
and our tactics criminalized
our allies divided
and our sisters brutalized

but our fists stay risen
for our fire is feral

we are not few
we are just isolated
Track Name: we are not here to make friends
by any means necessary
means no sympathy
we cannot accept
any kind of compromise

strong willed militancy
over passivity
means we can not allow
anyone to get in our way

stick to yr guns
remember yr herstory
know yr enemy
cherish yr allies

we are not here to make friends
we are here to make change

if we are gonna be critical
of everything we know
then we got to be critical
of the company that we keep

if we are gonna be critical of everyone we know
then we have got to be critical
of ourselves